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Tiger Kingdom (TAKE 2 BIG AND SMALL)

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Patong ฺbeach : 400 Bath  Round-trip per car

Karon Beach  : 600 Bath Round-trip per car

Kata Beach     : 800 Bath Round-trip per car

** please pay cash to the driver. 

** If you need the transfer from any other Phuket Areas Please Enquire. 

The first Tiger Kingdom branch was founded in Ubon rachatanee in the year 2000 and was named Ubon Zoo. There we have many kinds of animals.

Nowadays, we have more than 60 tigers at the zoo and this number will continue to increase in the future as the breeding program continues to become more successful.

In recent years the income from the zoo has remained the same. This is a problem as the amount of animals increase, but the income remains the same. For that reason – 24th March 2008 Tiger Kingdom was founded in Chiang Mai as a 2nd branch to Ubon Zoo in order to earn more. As well as providing the much needed revenue, Tiger Kingdom also provides the extra space and enclosures that the tigers needed to be comfortable.


Tigers at Tiger Kingdom are hand raised by their trainers since young, bonding with it throughout the development process. The trainer employ a combination of repetition, trust and encouragement to train their big cats and over time the Big Cat are use to human and often see us as one of the family.
In Tiger Kingdom,our well-trained and experience staffs will ensure your duty, but these Big Cats are still wild animal that you need to treat with respect.


  • Big Tiger can be allowed only the age over 18 years old and the height over 160 cm.
  • Medium Tiger can be allowed only the age over 17 years old and the height 160 cm.
  • Small Tiger can be allowed only the age over 16 years old and the height 150 cm.
  • Smallest Tiger can be allowed only the height over 120 cm and should be accompany with adult.
  • Person who needs wheelchair and walking stick can NOT get inside the cage of Tiger.



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